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Solar inverter for water heating GREEN BOOST MPPT 3000

Solar controller Green Boost 3000 (DC 120-350V) for water heating.

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232 mm

311 mm

140 mm

3.3 kg


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The Green Boost 3000 inverter is designed to power heating devices from solar panels. The heating devices are e.g. electric direct-fired boilers, boilers, heating mats, underfloor heating, etc.

The direct current generated in the panels, which cannot power the heating devices directly, is converted in the Green Boost 3000 into alternating current, which is suitable for powering the above mentioned devices.

The series connection requires 4 to 9 conventional PV panels (250W - 400W) and a total voltage range of 120V to 350V.

The inverter has internal protection of maximum power which is 3kW, while the total power of the panels should not exceed 5kW.

Green Boost allows the connection of two heating devices , for example two boilers.

  • Length (mm) 311
  • Width (mm) 232
  • Depth (mm) 140
  • Weight (kg) 3.3
  • References GREEN BOOST MPPT 3000
  • Connector type MC4
  • Maximum input power (W) 3000 W
  • Maximum inverter efficiency 95%
  • IP code IP 21
  • Ambient temperature -25 až 55 °C