Switchboard NOARK R-AC-32

AC switchboard for three-phase inverter protection.

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303 mm

406 mm

98 mm

11 kg


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Pre-prepared substation marked R-AC-32 meeting the requirements of ČSN EN 60670. In the substation we find a contactor combination that switches to backup mode in case of a mains failure. Once the supply from the grid is restored, the substation automatically switches to on-grid mode. The whole house is connected to the substation, so all circuits in the house are backed up. There is a slight time delay when the contactors are switched. The substation is pre-prepared for the installation of smartmeter and current transformers.

The substation includes:

(1pc) Plastic switchboard for wall mounting - 4 rows, 48 modules, transparent door Noark
(1pc) Main circuit breaker 3P B32A Noark
(1pc) Surge arrester T1+T2 (B+C), 4P 12.5kA Noark
(1pc) Main switch 3P 40A Noark
(1pc) Monitoring relay Noark
(5pc) Contactors Noark
(5pc) Protection Noark
Meets the requirements of EN 60670

  • Length (mm) 406.00
  • Width (mm) 303.00
  • Depth (mm) 98.00
  • Weight (kg) 5.00
  • References R-FVE-DC1-CAD