R3-1-PHS-UEP1+2 - Noark switchboard DC1 - protection class I+ II, IP65

Complete switchboard protecting DC lines with max. voltage 1000V.

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303 mm

212 mm

98 mm

2 kg


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Certified DC switchboard up to 1000V DC.

Certified DC switchboard for wall mounting with maximum voltage 1000V DC. The switchboard contains 1x 2-pole fuse disconnector and 1x surge arrester to protect a total of 1 MPPT trackers. There is also 5x cable gland with nut and other connecting material. All devices are on a 12 module DIN rail and are connected according to the attached wiring diagram. It is a DC switchboard with surge arrester type T1+T2.

(1pc) Plastic switchboard for wall mounting - 1 row, 12 modules, transparent door Noark - PHS 12T

(1pc) Fuse disconnector, photovoltaic applications, 2-pole, 1000V DC / 30A, (10 x 38mm) Noark - Ex9FP 2P 30A

(2pcs) Cylindrical fuse, photovoltaic applications, (UL standard), 10 x 38mm, 1000V DC, 15A/16A

(1pc) Surge arrester T1+T2 (I+II,B+C), photovoltaic applications 1000V DC, Noark - Ex9UEP1+2 6.25 3P 1000

(5pcs) Cable gland with nut (PG9)

Other: DC solar cables, RSA clamps, caps, mounting material, etc.

  • Length (mm) 212.00
  • Width (mm) 303.00
  • Depth (mm) 98.00
  • Weight (kg) 1.00
  • References R-FVE-DC1-CAD