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Battery SUNGROW SBR224 22,4 kWh

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625 mm

1065 mm

330 mm

246 kg


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The Sungrow SBR battery storage starts with 3 modules and can be expanded up to 8 modules. The capacity can be modularly expanded from 9.6 kWh up to 25.6 kWh. This makes the system very flexible. With a low weight of only 33 kg per module and a slim design, the storage system can be installed by one person using plug and play.

Once installed, the Sungrow three-phase hybrid inverter detects the battery storage and automatically connects it to the system. An optimally tuned emergency power system with state-of-the-art load management and a switching time of less than 20 ms offers maximum reliability.

Product benefits:
30 A continuous charging and discharging capability
Expandable from 3 to 8 modules per unit for lifetime
Certified multi-stage protection concept, e.g. VDE 2510-50
Low weight and compact design make installation by only one person possible
Plug and play between individual battery modules
Powerful emergency/backup power supply and off-grid functions
10-year product warranty

Product Features Sungrow SBR224 battery 22,4 kWh:
Battery capacity: 22,4 kWh
Rated voltage: 448 V
Max. output current: 30 A
Peak output current: 42 A for 10 s
Weight: 246 kg
Protection class: IP55
Dimensions: 625x1065x330 mm

Contents of delivery:
7x Sungrow SBR 3.20 kWh battery module
1x Sungrow SBR base and accessories

  • Length (mm) 1065
  • Width (mm) 625
  • Depth (mm) 330
  • Weight (kg) 246
  • References SBR224
  • Technology LiFePO4
  • Rated capacity 3,2 kWh
  • Rated voltage 448 V
  • IP code IP55
  • Ambient temperature -30 - 50 °C