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New Solární panel Jinko Solar 330wp MONO stříbrný rám

Solar panel Leapton TopCon 480 Wp


1134 mm

1955 mm

30 mm

23.5 kg


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The solar panel is made with modern N-Type TOPCon technology, which compared to the older PERC (P-Type) technology, brings lower power losses at high temperatures. In addition to higher efficiency, N-Type cells also bring improved long-term performance, bifaciality and high-temperature performance, which in total means more energy, lower levelized cost of electricity and faster return on investment.

Light-induced degradation and degradation due to elevated temperature are major issues for P-Type panels and still cause some level of power loss in PERC modules manufactured today. The lower susceptibility of the N-type to both mechanisms means lower degradation and higher energy yield over the lifetime of the product.

Due to this fact, the manufacturer offers a 15-year product and 30-year performance warranty on all N-Type panels.

  • Length (mm) 1955
  • Width (mm) 1134
  • Depth (mm) 30
  • Weight (kg) 23.5
  • Manufacturer's warranty (functionality) 15 let
  • Manufacturer's warranty (performance) 30 let
  • Code green to save SVT33978
  • Maximum panel efficiency 21.65%
  • Frame colour celočerný
  • Connector type MC4
  • Cell count for module 120
  • Cell type TOPCon
  • Nominal panel power (Wp) 480
  • Rated voltage (Vmpp) 35.90 V
  • Maximum load current (Impp) 13.37 A
  • IP code IP68