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Solar inverter SUNGROW SG4.0RT

Supplier code: SG4.0RT

With the three-phase inverter, Sungrow launches a new generation of string inverters. The PID recovery function reduces panel depolarization at night. The RT version has a total weight of 18 kg, which is 2 kg less than the previous version. The lower weight also makes installation easier.

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370 mm

480 mm

195 mm

18 kg


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WLAN/Ethernet LAN
DC circuit breaker
According to VDE AR-N-4105:2018-11
For network connection
Degree of protection: IP65
Rated power: 4000W AC
Max. 1100V DC voltage
Without display

Product description

  • Lower starting voltage and wider range.
  • PID recovery function - reduces panel depolarization at night.
  • Has 24/7 real-time monitoring application.
  • Download the iSolarCloud mobile app, available at iOS and Android.
  • Fast circuit breaker in case of any fault or accident.
  • Cooling system.
  • Remote firmware updates.
  • Protection rating: IP65 (sufficient protection against electric shock in case of dangerous contact with any tool or gadget, completely resistant to dust ingress and also protected against gushing water from all angles).
  • Very high efficiency of up to 98.4%.
  • Compact design and light weight, which of course makes it easier to install.
  • Connection method: three-phase (three-phase power 4.0 kVA).
  • WiNet module: Wifi and Ethernet connection.
  • Communication: WLAN, Ethernet, RS485, DI, DO.
  • DC and AC surge protection type 2.
  • 1/1 MC4 input on MPPT (total of 3 DC inputs).
  • Rated power: 4000W.
  • 160-1000V input voltage range.
  • String inverter type.
  • Cannot be used with backup batteries.
  • This is not a hybrid inverter with battery backup power capability.
  • Symmetrical inverter.
  • Length (mm) 480.00
  • Width (mm) 370.00
  • Depth (mm) 195.00
  • Weight (kg) 18.00
  • References SG4.0RT
  • Manufacturer's warranty (functionality) 10 years
  • Topology transformerless
  • Connection method three-phase
  • Maximum input power (W) 6 000 W
  • Maximum input voltage 1 100 V
  • Rated input voltage 600 V
  • MPP voltage range 160 - 1000 V
  • Number of MPP trackers 2
  • Maximum output current 6.8 A
  • Maximum inverter efficiency 97%
  • Rated output power (W) 4 000 W
  • Maximum output power (W) 4 400 W
  • IP code IP65