FlatFix end clamp 30mm - Black

Esdec - universal mounting systems for rooftop photovoltaic installations on flat and pitched roofs


Systems for flat roofs:

FlatFix Wawe Plus

FlatFix Fusion


Sloped Roof Systems:

ClickFit EVO



FlatFix flat roof mounting system

The Flatfix mounting system stands out because it is very quick and easy to install on flat roofs. This contributes to the quality and durability of the entire PV plant.


4 unique features

Our durable mounting systems are lightweight, strong and made of high quality, long lasting aluminum.

  • Quick and easy installation using a click system
  • lightweight system with unique thermal separation
  • very suitable for large projects
  • 20 year warranty

The entire FlatFix range has been wind tunnel tested.


Materials and Assembly

The main components of the FlatFix system are fixed with a smart tap connection, which significantly reduces assembly time. Due to the aerodynamic design, loads and forces are reduced on the roof.



Using the FlatFix calculator, you can easily calculate your project yourself. From this calculation, you will receive a building plan, a materials summary, and roof and wind load data. If you are interested, please contact our sales department.



ClickFit EVO pitched roof mounting system


With the ClickFit® EVO system you can mount solar panels on all types of pitched tiled roofs. The universal design makes this system much faster and more convenient than other mounting systems.


- Suitable for all tiled roofs
- Panel orientation in landscape and portrait
- Convenient click system
- MCS certified


ClickFit EVO is a convenient hook and snap system. You no longer have to drill into the roof structure. The strips can be clicked into the roof hooks. This way, you just screw on the solar panel clips.


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FlatFix Fusion - End Clamp, 30mm, black

FlatFix end clamp 30mm - Black

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  • Technology FlatFix end clamp 30mm Black