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Mersen fuse 15A, 1000VDC 10x38mm

Designed to protect when using photoelectric devices.

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10 mm

38 mm

10 mm

0.1 kg


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Mersen offers a range of photovoltaic fuses and fuse holders that are specifically designed for this application. This range takes advantage of an improved fuse design that allows continuous temperature and current measurement. Protect your PV systems using Mersen's PV fuses, which are designed for use in electrical grids.

Protection at the PV string/field level
Combiner box application
Protection of PV string modules.
Battery charging controllers.

Low fault current interruption capability
Durable Construction
Temperature cycle resistance.
Guaranteed operation at extreme temperatures.

  • Length (mm) 38.00
  • Width (mm) 10.00
  • Depth (mm) 10.00
  • Weight (kg) 0.07
  • References OEZ 12A