Delivery and Payment Terms

Shipping fees are charged according to the type of receipt of goods as follows

- By PPL transport service (delivery within the second working day from the day of dispatch) - 80,- CZK

- TOPTRANS pallet transport (delivery within the second working day from the day of dispatch) - price individual

- Dispatch by company van - individual price

In the case of cash on delivery - 40,- CZK will be added to the shipping price

With each shipment the customer will receive a tax document (invoice).


Method of payment

Cash on delivery - the goods will be sent COD, the full amount will be collected from the customer by the delivery driver.

Bank transfer - payment can be made by transferring money from any bank account to the seller's account:

UniCredit CZK - account no.: 1387357753/2700

UniCredit EUR - IBAN: CZ21 2700 0000 0013 8753 9506

Use your order number as the variable symbol. As soon as the money is credited to our account, we will send the shipment.

Delivery time

The goods delivered remain the property of the seller until the purchase price is paid in full.

The delivery period is calculated in working days and is indicated for each item. When the goods are dispatched, the customer is informed of this fact by e-mail. The start of the delivery period is calculated according to the type of payment as follows.For cash on delivery, immediately after the order is placed. For all other methods, when the payment appears on the seller's account.